Money Frog On Gold Coins and Ignots

This is an absolutely beautiful and wealthy Money Frog plated in shiny gold plating depicted sitting on a pile of auspicious coins. It is also seen biting on an auspicious coin and two strings of coins and spotted with a bejeweled crown on its head to signify this is the king of all money frogs!

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This is an absolutely beautiful wealth attracting Money Frog made from Brass with high quality craftmanship depicted sitting on a mountain of treasure consists of coins, ingots and jewels. It is shown carrying two strings of gold coins on its back and biting on a coin to signify tremendous good fortune and prosperity in Feng Shui. There are seven dots on its back, depicting the Ursa Major (Great North Pole 7 Stars). Embellished with two red sparkling eyes, the Brass Money Frog On Mountain of Treasure looks very much alive and ready to jump into your home bringing in lots of wealth!


  • Small Size 12.5(L)x11.5(W)x9(H) cm 0.8kg